2 thoughts on “IF Feedback

  1. 1. Become a stronger witch
    2.Gather materials and fight
    3.Your magical level that increases with experience and have various materials
    4.This is a really cool story with a lot of choices
    5. What the herbs are for
    6.Being able to make cool potions

    I really like your story. So far there is a lot to it and I cant wait for the final


  2. 1 – I believe the objective of this IF is to find the sceptor hidden in a house while avoiding the northern village and using your powers as a witch as self-defense. I think the goals of this IF were easy to realize which is good for the player as they are aware of what they need to accomplish at the start of the IF.

    2 – Some mechanics of this IF were used to move around in the world of the IF while others called for actions to be taken against enemies, such as turning the goblin. The game mechanics are well done and allow the user to make different choices, all of which lead to different outcomes.

    3 – I think the main variable of this IF is the magic level which progresses throughout the IF as the user does more magic. Other variables that are included in the IF hold onto the boolean value of items that the user possess.

    4 – I think that this IF is enjoyable to play because of the many different variables that change throughout the play-through and how these decisions all seem to have an affect on the outcome.

    5 – There was nothing confusing about this IF.

    6 – The only change I would make is making the text for going back to a location stand out. For example, if I decide to enter the village, I would replace “the woods” text with “go back to the woods” and space out the different options.

    Overall, I think this IF is very good and was executed well. I look forward to seeing what changes you make and
    how you decide to finish the story.


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